CMF / CRF Details

CMF ID: 8218

Install pedestrian countdown timer

Description: Install pedestrian countdown timer

Prior Condition: Intersections without pedestrian countdown signals

Category: Intersection traffic control

Study: Evaluating Effectiveness of Pedestrian Countdown Signals on Safety of Older Drivers, Kwigizile et al., 2016

Star Quality Rating: 4 Stars   [View score details]
Crash Modification Factor (CMF)
Value: 0.85
Adjusted Standard Error:
Unadjusted Standard Error: 0.092
Crash Reduction Factor (CRF)
Value: 15   (This value indicates a decrease in crashes)
Adjusted Standard Error:
Unadjusted Standard Error: 9.2
Crash Type: Other
Crash Severity: All
Roadway Types: Not specified
Number of Lanes: 1-10
Road Division Type: All
Speed Limit:
Area Type: Not specified
Traffic Volume:
Time of Day: All
If countermeasure is intersection-based
Intersection Type: Not specified
Intersection Geometry: Not specified
Traffic Control: Signalized
Major Road Traffic Volume: Minimum of 1637 to Maximum of 70100 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)
Minor Road Traffic Volume: Minimum of 730 to Maximum of 35214 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)
Development Details
Date Range of Data Used: 2004 to 2013
State: MI
Type of Methodology Used: Before/after using comparison group
Sample Size (crashes): 331 crashes before, 289 crashes after
Sample Size (sites): 93 sites before, 93 sites after
Sample Size (site-years): 279 site-years before, 279 site-years after
Other Details
Included in Highway Safety Manual? No
Date Added to Clearinghouse: Jan-17-2017
Comments: CMFs of crashes involve drivers at age of 65 or older.

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