Study Details

Study Title: Safety Benefits of Additional Primary Signal Heads

Authors: Felipe et al.

Publication Date: JAN, 1998

Abstract: -

Study Citation: Felipe, E., Mitic, D., and Zein, S. R., "Safety Benefits of Additional Primary Signal Heads." Vancouver, B.C., Insurance Corporation of British Columbia; G.D. Hamilton Associates, (1998)

CMFs Associated With This Study

Category: Intersection traffic control

Countermeasure: Add signal (additional primary head)

CMF CRF(%) Quality Crash Type Crash Severity Roadway Type Area Type
0.72 28 3 Stars All All Not specified Urban
0.83 17 3 Stars All K,A,B,C Not specified Urban
0.69 31 3 Stars All O Not specified Urban
0.72 28 3 Stars Rear end All Not specified Urban
0.65 35 2 Stars Angle All Not specified Urban